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Wise Food Storage

We have the largest supply of food storage, can ship unlimited amounts to everywhere and it's available now!

We live in trying times, and it’s more important than ever to plan ahead should an emergency happen. After all, taking the time to create an emergency plan of action and choosing the necessary supplies – like Wise Food Storage, takes only a handful of minutes or hours, and you’ll be quite thankful you took the time to prepare. Wise Food Storage boasts emergency food supply packages that are dehydrated and freeze-dried to preserve taste and quality, and come to scrumptious life in minutes when you add water from your Berkey filter to them.

Wise Food Storage has become more popular than ever, with the Wise team appearing on various television shows to share how vital it is to have simple, delicious, and affordable emergency food supplies on hand should the unfortunate ever happen.

Wise Food Storage packages come in several convenient and budget-friendly options to meet your family’s needs – from four servings of food to enough food to serve a family of four for a year! Simply add water from your Berkey filter, and you’ll be enjoying the delights of dishes including chicken ala king, stroganoff, cheesy lasagna, creamy chicken pasta, and more. If an emergency occurs, you’ll not only have peace of mind, but you’ll have well-fed stomachs as a result of your emergency food supply planning, as well!

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