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Berkey Filter Systems

Berkey water filters are renowned for their ability to transform ordinary water into more pure, great tasting water at our fingertips. Our world simply isn’t what it used to be, and it’s vital to have access to water that we know for sure is pure and clear. Berkey filters give us this reassurance and peace of mind, having designed eight different Berkey water filters to help us attain the right size water filter for our needs.

The Big Berkey and Royal Berkey water filters are two of our most popular Berkey filters, and for good reason. The Big Berkey filter holds up to 2.25 gallons of water, and is ideal for providing four people with the vital water that they need. Likewise, the Royal Berkey filter has a capacity of 3.25 gallons, providing water for one to six people.

When selecting the precise Berkey water filter for you, consider the amount of people in your immediate party who will need water. Then, choose the appropriate Berkey filter. Just remember – it’s always better to have more water than not enough, and many of our customers opt for a slightly larger Berkey filter than they need. There’s nothing like a calm peace of mind, and Berkey is here to provide you with the clean, delicious water you need when you crave it most.

The diagram below shows the holding capacity and flow rate for the Berkey water filter systems. You always have the choice to add more filters, but no more than the filter elements shown below. There are 8 berkey water filter systems to choose from below.

System Holding Capacity Fully Expanded Flow Rate @ Full Expansion
Travel Berkey ~ 1.5 Gallons 2 Elements(Filters) ~ 2.75 Gallons / Hr
Berkey Light ~ 2.75 Gallons 2 Elements(Filters) ~ 4.25 Gallons / Hr
Big Berkey ~ 2.25 Gallons
4 Elements(Filters) ~ 7.0 Gallons / Hr
Royal Berkey ~ 3.25 Gallons 4 Elements(Filters) ~ 8.0 Gallons / Hr
Imperial Berkey ~ 4.5 Gallons 6 Elements(Filters) ~ 16.5 Gallons / Hr
Crown Berkey ~ 6.0 Gallons 6 Elements(Filters) ~ 26.0 Gallons / Hr

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