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Emergency Preparedness

Hurricanes, tornados, floods, and earthquakes – these are only a few of the natural disasters that could strike us at any time. Next time a natural disaster hits close to home, make sure you’re prepared with emergency preparedness products, such as a Berkey water filter from Berkey Shop. A Berkey community emergency pack will ensure you have plenty of clean drinking water during emergency situations.

This Berkey water purification pack includes an assortment of Berkey water filters and is capable of purifying over 1,900 gallons of water a day! With Pri-D Complete Diesel Treatment you can stock up on diesel fuel. This emergency preparedness product allows you to store diesel fuel for years, while ensuring the fuel will work its best when you do use it.

Berkey Shop can even help you steer clear of viruses by wearing a ViraMask. These innovative masks attach to your face and use a N99 filter to protect you from becoming sick. All of our emergency preparedness products work hand in hand with a Berkey water filter. If you’re searching for the best survival water filter and other necessities for emergency situations, we’re sure you’ll find the emergency preparedness products you’ve been searching for at 

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